Teamwork is the Key to The Ultimate Escape!

Our exciting rooms require everyone to work together as a team to escape successfully. It’s a great opportunity for companies to engage in a social activity as they create a more cohesive and stronger team! Our activities will help improve your staff’s communication skills, develop their teamwork, and inspire them through a fun but professional work environment.

Challenging Puzzles and Activities

Individuals can look at problems from different perspectives and think outside the box. Each member of the team will use their strengths, alongside their colleagues, to collaborate and escape successfully within the time limit!

Book Your Corporate Event

Corporate team building events for more than 16 people can be booked by calling us at 519-885-9595. We also have a party room that can be reserved before or after for lunches, debriefings, and meetings for up to 20 people. You are welcome to bring food in or have it delivered to add to your event.

Plan Your Corporate Event

We have ample room for up to 56 people in our facility. You may choose from several options for your corporate event:

Ultimate Game

Up to eight people work together to complete a game.

Ultimate Challenge

Two groups of four to eight players will race against each other to complete a game.

Ultimate Showdown

Three groups of 6-8 people compete in a round robin against each other.

Two groups compete head-to-head in the escape game, while the third group works on a 30-minute Who-Dunnit activity. All groups rotate every 30 minutes until each has completed 60 minutes in the escape game and 30 minutes in the WhoDunnit activity.